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Music of The Escape

Last updated November 20th, 2002.

# artist recording
1 Jets To Brazil Perfecting Loneliness
2 Apples In Stereo Velocity Of Sound
3 Death Cab For Cutie You Can Play These Songs With Chords
4 The Donnas Spend The Night
5 Sahara Hotnights Jennie Bomb
6 Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf
7 Badly Drawn Boy Have You Fed The Fish?
8 Twothirtyeight You Should Be Living
9 Human Lab Human Lab
10 Ben Folds Ben Folds Live
11 Ok Go Ok Go
12 Tegan And Sara If It Was You
13 Before Braille The Rumor
14 Flaming Lips Yoshimi Wins: Live Radio Sessions
15 Beatifics The Way We Never Were
16 Sparta Wiretap Scars
17 Liar's Academy Trading My Life
18 Vandals Internet Dating Super Studs
19 Tori Amos Scarlet's Walk
20 Guided By Voices The Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet
21 Dismemberment Plan Change
22 Strangelight Lux
23 Damien Jurado Ghost Of David
24 Nirvana Nirvana
25 Breeders Title Tk
26 Tahiti 80 Wallpaper For The Soul
27 Sights Got What We Want
28 Mary Prankster Tell Your Friends
29 Les Claypool And The Holy Mackerel Highball With The Devil
30 David Gray A New Day At Midnight

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